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Clients of all fitness levels will benefit from quality Pilates and CoreAlign instruction, and we recommend starting with an Introductory Private Session so that you can get the most out of your experience at Agile Monkey.


Introductory Private Session & Assessment for only $35


During this initial consultation, there will be a brief assessment, followed by an introduction to the studio, equipment, Pilates methodology and exercises. This session is intended as an opportunity to learn about your individual needs, goals, and possible limitations so that we can suggest the most appropriate training routine for you.


Depending on your fitness level and goals, you may get a solid workout or have the session focus more on assessment and rehabilitative techniques. In addition, you’ll learn which exercises are most appropriate for you and how to modify them, if needed. You’ll also learn which movements you should avoid (if any). This is particularly important if you plan to take group classes and we recommend trying to do the intro private with the teacher of the class(es) you might want to take. We want you to have a great class experience based on the solid foundation of detailed and personalized instruction – we also want you to know how to take care of yourself. Knowledge is the key to avoiding injury!


Once you have completed your Intro Private Session, you are welcome to try any (or all!) of our New Client Packages:


Introductory Private Welcome Package - 3 Private Sessions for $150


Private Instruction is the ideal way to jumpstart your training, and is best for clients with very specific goals, a history of injury, or chronic pain. Want to know more? Read about the Agile Monkey approach to Private Instruction, Pilates and CoreAlign.


Reformer Intro Package - 3 Reformer Classes for $100


Everyone loves the Reformer – take advantage of this intro offer to try some of our most popular classes (but please check availability before you purchase if your availability is limited). Because of the small size, Reformer Classes are the ideal way to start group classes. For more information, please read about Group Classes or view our Schedule.


Introductory Month of Mat & Springboard Classes for $100


Immerse yourself in Pilates and try a month of classes (limit one class per day). We offer a full schedule of Pilates Mat, Springboard, Arc, ball and props - you can try them all. 


For more information about these offerings, please read about Group Classes or view our Schedule.


Please note that all of these packages are for NEW CLIENTS, or existing clients that are new to these services.


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