Emilio Hawley

Apprentice Pilates Instructor
Emile grew up in family of surfers, who loved to travel and to study languages. Along with surfing, Emile was a swimmer and played baseball and soccer. It was his love of wrestling, however, that influenced his choice to attend university at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, and he graduated with a major in Philosophy. He also studied in Spain and in South America.

Emile was introduced to Pilates over 15 years ago, in a studio founded by Madeline Black. He loved it immediately, and found a way to be in his body that he had never experienced while surfing or doing other sports.
He learned that core strengthening, breathing, and mindful movement lead to health and happiness. He completed the Balanced Body instructor training at Agile Monkey and has been working as an instructor in various locales. Emile is excited to share his passion for Pilates as it has made a dramatic difference in his life and the lives and bodies of his clients.
He particularly enjoys sharing and spreading smiles along with the joy of movement. He hopes you leave the studio with an enhanced awareness of your posture, stability, breath, and a sense of being more present in each moment — the Pilates glow.

Emilio Hawley is currently not instructing any classes.