Lea Jacobson

Student Teacher
Lea is a country girl at heart. She grew up in a small town in central CA, riding horses through orchards, swimming in irrigation ditches and endlessly exploring the outdoors. Her love for Santa Cruz led her to UCSC in 1991 where she obtained a degree in Biology. While at UCSC she fell in love with fitness and decided she wanted to pursue a profession in helping people enhance their physical and functional abilities. She packed her bags and headed to FL where she received a Masters in Physical Therapy from the University of St. Augustine in 1999. Initially, Lea practiced in outpatient clinics, focusing on orthopedics and sports medicine. For the past 9 years she has dedicated herself to geriatric inpatient rehab. She is drawn to the positive power of touch and loves incorporating Reiki and craniosacral therapy into her treatments. Early on in Lea’s physical therapy career she was blessed to work in a holistic wellness center that utilized Pilates based rehab. There, she recognized the profound healing benefits of Pilates. Life took her in many different directions, but she always vowed to return to studying Pilates. The time is now!


Lea was graced with becoming a mother in 2011, but simultaneously challenged with the onset of an autoimmune condition. Lea exhausted nearly every conventional and alternative modality. However, she found the most transformative healing through a mind body program that focused on gratitude. This has influenced Lea’s approach to physical therapy, Pilates and every aspect of her life. Lea’s deep interest in the mind body connection is one of the reasons she loves Pilates. She believes every Pilates session is an opportunity for learning, a celebration of movement and a gift of wellness.


In her free time, Lea loves to create, run, play with her dogs and be in nature. Her soul is charged by dance parties with her seven year old son and spending time with her family.


Please note that while Lea is a trained Physical Therapist, she is only seeing Pilates clients at this time and her session focus will remain solely on Pilates.

Lea Jacobson is currently not instructing any classes.