Stacey Rosenberg (Guest Teacher)

Stacey Rosenberg (Guest Teacher) instructs the following:
  • WORKSHOP: Roll Model Ball Workshop with Stacey Rosenberg
  • Roll Model Ball Workshop with Stacey Rosenberg

    Using the Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls and the Roll Model® Method techniques you will gain accessible but powerful tools to address the issues in your tissues, unglue your stuck spots, and feel better in your body.

    Put the power of self-myofascial release in your own hands to help you, and your students/clients:

    • increase performance

    • improve posture

    • erase pain

    • prevent injury

    • expand breath

    • decrease tension

    • gain awareness of body parts

    • relax deeply

    Therapy ball work fits seamlessly into your offerings as a Pilates, dance, or yoga instructor, personal trainer, or any kind of wellness coaching.

    In this workshop Stacey will guide you through an exploration of your body. As you map your muscles with the therapy balls your nervous system gains conscious awareness of all of your parts. Awareness brings the understanding of where your stuck spots live and enables you to take control. The therapy balls release tension, unstick limitation, and show you how to find greater ease and functional movement in everything you do.

    We will discuss the science behind using the balls while you deepen your understanding of anatomy and healthy movement. Plus, a full body massage will leave you feeling relaxed, grounded, and refreshed leading to better sleep and overall health and wellness.

    Stacey is an enthusiastic educator. She is passionate about empowering people with transformational tools to live vibrant and healthy lives. Stacey combines the science of functional movement, building strength, and self-care techniques with the spiritual traditions of yoga to help you find more ease both on the mat and in your everyday activities. Her yoga classes are abundant with clear and concise alignment cues and rich with modifications and variations so that a student of any level can comfortable and confidently progress. For more on Stacey visit

    This workshop is intended for instructors (Pilates, Yoga Personal Trainers, etc) but will also be open to advanced practitioners, athletes, etc.

    1 pair of Yoga Tune Up® Therapy Balls will be included in your workshop fee.