Diane Tapscott

Certified Pilates Instructor
Diane found Pilates in 2008, when she was already into her 50’s and still balancing a career and family. For her, Pilates was an exercise discipline with a depth of learning and potential for growth that she believed could provide a joy of moving in her own body for years to come.  She was right.


However, in May of 2016, Diane injured herself while walking on the beach which led to her discovery that she had tendonitis in both hips.  Suddenly, all the accidents, body anomalies and mishaps of a life well lived came to a head.  She literally could not climb a flight of stairs without pulling herself up by the banister.  She no longer felt strong or balanced, and realized that compensation patterns had allowed her to power-through, but old injuries were never truly resolved.  Luckily, Diane met a great Pilates instructor who herself had had both hips replaced who could really understand how to rehabilitate out of pain and into a stronger, more comfortable body.


Studying to become a Balanced Body Pilates instructor has given Diane the means and focus to overcome her physical limitations.  While she knows she's a work in progress, experiencing all the positive changes in her body since starting this training at Agile Monkey has really cemented her desire to help others feel competent and strong as well.  Diane believes that through Pilates, when our bodies and our minds work together, we can all flow more gracefully through life.


Diane became a Certified Pilates Instructor in July, 2018.  Her goals as an instructor are to help students bring balance, awareness, and strength to their bodies.  And in turn, she believes she can learn from each and every student and impart that knowledge into her own practice.

Diane Tapscott is currently not instructing any classes.