Amy Lamendella

Certified Instructor.  

Amy grew up in the Santa Cruz Mountains and has always been an athletic person. She came across Pilates in 2006 while living in San Francisco, and instantly fell in love with the equipment. She was impressed with a workout system that could at the same time be subtle, challenging, powerful and so fun!

Amy is a "systems" person and her favorite aspect of Pilates is bringing the principles and movements out of the studio and into every day life. Whether sitting at a desk, driving or working in the garden, Amy incorporates Pilates to help her stay balanced, healthy and strong.

Amy completed the Balanced Body Instructor Training Program at Agile Monkey in 2012 and became certified in 2015. She is excited to continue to deepen her understanding and share her passion for functional movement as a Certified Pilates Instructor at Agile Monkey, and to help people change their bodies and their lives in a positive way.

Amy Lamendella is currently not instructing any classes.