Azita Costa

Certified Pilates Instructor & CoreAlign Instructor.  

Azita is a CSUC graduate with a BS degree in Agriculture. She is a sport enthusiast and enjoys running, water and snow skiing, scuba diving, spinning, step aerobics, and Zumba. She also has a passion for foreign languages, speaking fluent Farsi, Portuguese, Spanish, and a bit of Italian.


With a chronic neck and shoulder pain, Azita has been through years of physical therapy and yoga. In 2006, she was introduced to Pilates where she began to see a clear path to the road to recovery. Pilates eased the pain, allowing her to become more active. In 2009, due to some health issues, Azita was confined to bed rest for 3 months. After recovering, she decided to put 23 years of managing her own business behind, to start practicing pilates at Agile Monkey, where she has been instructed by three wonderful instructors Ky, Lisa and Arwen. Pilates has allowed Azita to regain muscle strength, ease her neck and shoulder pains, and helped with her SI joint hypermobility. She fell in love with Pilates and decided to embark on her Pilates instructor training program and completed her training under Lisa Graham through Balanced Body at Agile Monkey.


Because of her history of injuries and expertise in Scoliosis, Azita is very eager to pass on the knowledge of healing capabilities on to her clients and help them discover how their bodies can become pain free. She is careful to make sure that no one exceeds his or her body limits, maintaining a steady pace to allow her clients to feel comfortable. She is devoted to pilates and is eager to become the best instructor she can be for her clients.

Azita Costa instructs the following:
  • Beginning - Reformer
  • The Pilates Reformer is an extraordinary piece of exercise equipment allowing resistance and support for exercises involving every part of the body. Our Reformer classes will challenge you to develop core and extremity strength, stability, flexibility, coordination and balance. The wide range of exercises provides a stimulating workout for clients at any level of ability.

    Please note that all of our Reformer classes will organized at the discretion of the instructor and interest of the clients, and may utilize some time on the mat or other equipment (Tower, Chair, Barrels, etc) to ensure the best class experience.

    Beginning- No experience required. Pilates Principles and beginning level exercises will be the focus. A great place to start for all students new to Pilates. Clients with serious injuries or limitations, should first take with an Introductory Private Session and/or seek the advice of an Agile Monkey instructor before taking class.