Beginning - Springboard, Mat & Props

This class is taught by:

Ryan Patterson

Certified Pilates Instructor.
Ryan was introduced to Pilates in 2008 when a dance teacher recommended it as a way to rehabilitate a lower back injury. She was surprised and delighted with how graceful and dynamic the movements were, while challenging her body and mind. Over the next 6 years Ryan practiced off and on, trying different methods of Pilates until she found a studio that felt like home, and decided she wanted to teach.

Ryan's relationship with movement started at a young age and ranged from classical ballet to competitive soccer. She has had a dedicated yoga practice since 2009 and loves how Pilates compliments her asana practice. When Ryan isn't in a studio she enjoys baking pies, knitting, traveling, and adventures with her dog.
"It never gets easier, you just get better."

Adam Lacey

Certified Pilates Instructor.
Adam has practiced manual therapy since 1992, specializing in Esalen Deep Bodywork and Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), a functional movement assessment and training modality. Adam started his personal Pilates journey with Jennifer Eisele, who teaches Pilates at Agile Monkey and is a bodyworker specializing in Rolfing. Jennifer offered Pilates as an ongoing movement education to maintain the benefits of Structural Integration - Adam was inspired by the benefits of combining the two modalities and pursued advanced training in both. Adam is now a certified Pilates Instructor and is also training on the CoreAlign to further increase his understanding of functional movement.


Adam sees Pilates and CoreAlign as ongoing movement practices that perfectly compliment Structural Bodywork. With extensive anatomical training, and a keen eye for assessing postural imbalances, Adam brings great attention and focus to each private session and group class that he teaches.


Adam has been an uninhibited mover his entire life, enjoying climbing, hiking, biking and dancing. His ongoing movement practice includes Pilates, CoreAlign, Kundalini Yoga, improvisational dance and cycling.

The wall mounted springboards are a great way to get a total body workout utilizing springs based resistance (which can make exercises more achievable and also more challenging, depending on the circumstance and level of the class). The springboard repertoire was originally modified from the original Cadillac exercises, but has been expanded to include familiar favorites from the Mat and Reformer, as well as a lot of exercises you can’t do anywhere else. Most Springboard classes also include some Mat and & Props repertoire for flow.

Beginning - no experience required. Pilates Principles and beginning level exercises will be the focus. A great place to start for all students new to Pilates, and it will still be a workout!