Core Align Group Class: Beginning/Intermediate

This class is taught by:

Adam Lacey

Certified Pilates Instructor.
Adam has practiced manual therapy since 1992, specializing in Esalen Deep Bodywork and Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT), a functional movement assessment and training modality. Adam started his personal Pilates journey with Jennifer Eisele, who teaches Pilates at Agile Monkey and is a bodyworker specializing in Rolfing. Jennifer offered Pilates as an ongoing movement education to maintain the benefits of Structural Integration - Adam was inspired by the benefits of combining the two modalities and pursued advanced training in both. Adam is now a certified Pilates Instructor and is also training on the CoreAlign to further increase his understanding of functional movement.


Adam sees Pilates and CoreAlign as ongoing movement practices that perfectly compliment Structural Bodywork. With extensive anatomical training, and a keen eye for assessing postural imbalances, Adam brings great attention and focus to each private session and group class that he teaches.


Adam has been an uninhibited mover his entire life, enjoying climbing, hiking, biking and dancing. His ongoing movement practice includes Pilates, CoreAlign, Kundalini Yoga, improvisational dance and cycling.

Jeannette Normington

Senior Certified Pilates Instructor & CoreAlign Instructor.  

Jeannette Normington enjoyed an 18 year career as a professional dancer, touring the world performing in production shows. Pilates was instrumental in helping Jeannette prolong her dance career. Her certifications include, mat work at UNLV in 2001, Comprehensive Pilates training through Body Arts & Science International in 2003, Pre/Post-Natal at The Center for Women’s Fitness in 2006 and Core Align 1, 2 in 2008. Jeannette interned at the Keith Kleven Institute of Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation for Sports and Dance. To deepen her work, Jeannette is currently a part of a one-year mentorship program, “Passing the Torch” offered by Balanced Body, with master teacher, Tom McCook. Jeannette is passionate about sharing the benefits of Pilates for post-rehabilitation, athletic performance and quality of life - for clients and professionals alike.

A native to Santa Cruz, Jeannette is excited to share Pilates and contribute to creating wellness within her home community. In 2008, Jeannette opened her own business, Seascape Pilates where she offers quality instruction and diversity into her workouts combining BASI, Stott and Polestar methods. Jeannette is an avid sportswoman, also trained in tap, jazz, ballet, and yoga, lately enjoying Tai Chi and Qi Gong. She is dedicated to helping people of all ages achieve their maximum fitness potential and making people feel well cared for. Jeannette is honored to join the Monkey team, having always enjoyed Agile Monkey as a friendly, professional, and supportive studio.

Lisa Graham

Owner, Senior Certified Pilates Instructor, Balanced Body Faculty & CoreAlign Master Instructor.  
Lisa Graham is the owner of Agile Monkey, as well as a senior certified instructor, Balanced Body faculty, CoreAlign master instructor, and published author.
Lisa was first introduced to Pilates at UCLA in 1993, where she received her Bachelors in Dance while also studying kinesiology and anatomy. She received her formal Pilates training from Ellie Herman, at EHS Pilates in San Francisco and quickly became the Education Director and a Pilates-based rehabilitation specialist. Lisa continued her education by working with inspiring leaders of the Pilates community such as Lolita San Miguel, Elizabeth Larkham, Lizz Roman, Nora St John, Brent Anderson, and many others. In recent years she has been training in the newly invented CoreAlign system, which brings the Pilates methodology into a more upright and functional setting. In 2013, Lisa was honored to be named a CoreAlign master instructor by the systems creator, Jonathan Hoffman.
As an educator, Lisa has trained instructors locally, across the United States and internationally. Her students have gone on to great success and now teach all over the globe, as well as right here at Agile Monkey. She is honored to be able to pass on her knowledge and mentor a new generation of Pilates and CoreAlign Instructors.
Lisa’s book credits include co-authoring Ellie Herman’s Pilates Mat and Ellie Herman’s Pilates Cadillac, as well as collaborating with Ellie on the three other books in that series. She has also worked with Nora St. John on the instructor training materials for Balanced Body and participates in their continuing education program development.
Lisa established Agile Monkey in 2007 and expanded it to its current location in 2012. Lisa works with a broad spectrum of clients and instructors on a daily basis, and is always excited to see what a profound impact the practice of Pilates and CoreAlign can have on an individual.
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The CoreAlign improves posture, balance and functional movement in a fast-paced, challenging workout unlike anything else. 

Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, the CoreAlign method stimulates core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing practical and challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core controlled aerobic training. The method is used for musculoskeletal rehabilitation, performance enhancement and as a regular sport for a healthy lifestyle. It is a perfect compliment to Pilates training, but can also be done independently.

At Agile Monkey, we are excited to be able to introduce the CoreAlign to the Santa Cruz community. It is an amazing system that utilizes the Pilates principles but brings the movement theory into a very practical upright application, and is appropriate for clients of all fitness levels.

Beginning/Intermediate: This class is appropriate for clients who have some experience on the Core Align and/or Pilates. 

Upcoming classes:

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