This class is taught by:

Dixie Mills

Senior Certified Pilates Instructor.  

Dixie Mills has been teaching Pilates for more than twenty years. In 1993 Dixie became certified through the Pilates Center of Boulder, while pursuing an MFA in Dance Performance & Choreography from the University of Colorado. After graduating from both CU and The Pilates Center, Dixie got a chance to teach some of the healthiest and most athletic people in the country. The following year she moved to Seattle where she got a chance to stretch her rehab skills teaching at a studio near Microsoft. Dixie also worked with many teenagers in the Seattle area on building strength and coordination to support their sports or dancing pursuits (how wonderful to have the alignment, strength, flexibility, and connectedness that Pilates brings when you are young—please consider sessions for your teenager or college student!).

After 5 years of teaching clients, Dixie relocated to New York City, where she developed several continuing education workshops for Pilates teachers. She has since taught in Connecticut, New Jersey, Long Island, Philadelphia, Seattle, Virginia and Hawaii. Known as a teacher’s teacher, Dixie has great eyes for seeing the body’s quirks, and great hands and words for explaining how to reach your best potential.

Are you an athlete, dancer or mover who would like to increase your capabilities through understanding more about how your muscular-skeletal system works?

Do you teach Pilates, yoga, dance, martial arts, personal training or a sport?

In 4 hours we will tour the human muscular-skeletal system from the perspective of movement. Understanding how muscles and joints optimally operate will enhance your own performance as well as your “eye” for coaching others. When you know which muscles do what actions, then you can easily incorporate appropriate movements into your exercise regime that will strengthen your areas of need.

We will answer questions such as:
- How does the spine ideally look and move? What is neutral spine?
-Hip versus spine movement--how do we choose, and why the choice matters.
-Why do my IT Bands get so tight and what can I do?
-What is the neutral position for the shoulder girdle? What is ergonomic arm/scapula movement?
-“Weak knees” usually means poor mechanics. What are ideal knee/ankle/foot mechanics?
-Why is dorsi-flexion of the ankle a super important joint action?

Saturday, October 14
1:00pm – 5:15pm

taught by Dixie Lee Mills


25+ page manual included.

All levels of anatomy experience invited.


Anatomy for People who Move is presented by Dixie Mills, who has been teaching Pilates for nearly 25 years. She teaches at Agile Monkey Pilates Studio and UCSC and also teaches Modern Dance at the university. She holds an MFA in Dance from the University of Colorado in Boulder. Her teaching is informed by years of study with Dance Kinesiologist, Irene Dowd and master Pilates teacher, Kathy Grant. Dixie developed her own comprehensive Pilates teacher training program and has trained instructors in New York City and San Jose.