Intermediate - Springboard, Mat & Props: Fast Flow

This class is taught by:

Lana Dussell

Certified Instructor.
Lana is passionate about teaching Pilates with a focus on helping clients find strength and balance in their bodies. Originally from the Pacific North West, Lana grew up a year round athlete - playing soccer, golf, snowboarding and biking. After relocating to the Santa Cruz Mountains in 2006, Lana became an avid mountain biker and a friend recommended Pilates as a way to balance muscle development and promote flexibility throughout her body. After taking her first Pilates class she was thrilled to find that her body felt both challenged and centered by the Pilates repertoire. Lana continued to do Pilates mat work as part of a cross training program, but after suffering a hip fracture in a biking accident, Lana began to count on Pilates as an integral part of her rehabilitation and found that it offered unparalleled progress in pain relief and increased mobility. Pilates ability to simultaneous relieve and revive ones body, is the reason that Lana continues to preach the benefits of daily practice, which she has relied on heavily after the birth of both her children.
Lana approaches teaching from a strengths perspective, she wants clients to gain confidence and joy in their movement. Her goal is to provide clients with a session that leaves them feeling stronger, balanced, and more body aware. Lana believes that whatever your bodies need, Pilates can compliment and challenge your strengths, while addressing, and mitigating ongoing problems you may be experiencing. Lana is thrilled and honored to be part of the talented team at Agile Monkey Pilates studio and she looks forward to helping you on your Pilates journey.
Lana lives in the Santa Cruz Mountains with her husband and 2 young children. She enjoys cooking, biking, traveling, and entertaining friends and family over local food and wine.

Irina Semionova

Certified Instructor.
Pilates for Irina is an adventure of physical and mental discipline. Irina was introduced to Pilates by her friend (and future teacher) in 2008. This event completely changed her life direction. Since then, she has been working on improving her body movement and physical capabilities.

Growing up in Russia, Irina always actively engaged in physical exercise like swimming, figure skating, running, tennis playing. After immigrating to America Irina experimented with many different workouts but never felt at home until discovering Pilates. After five years of practicing and learning how much Pilates has to offer, Irina, with the support and encouragement of her mentor enrolled in the 2013 Balanced Body Pilates Instructor training program. After broad training she graduated in 2015 and was certified in 2016.

Irina believes that Pilates is an improvement to anyone’s life style and she hopes to share this knowledge and experience with others. She understands the practice of Pilates can be of benefit to both teacher and client. Irina believes that Pilates is a life time journey. She is also aware that with practice she and her students are prepared to face the future with confidence.
The wall mounted springboards are a great way to get a total body workout utilizing springs based resistance (which can make exercises more achievable and also more challenging, depending on the circumstance and level of the class). The springboard repertoire was originally modified from the original Cadillac exercises, but has been expanded to include familiar favorites from the Mat and Reformer, as well as a lot of exercises you can’t do anywhere else. Most Springboard classes also include some Mat and & Props repertoire for flow.

This class will keep everyone safe and challenged, while flowing through the exercises in a way that keeps the pace high. Best suited for clients with some familiarity with the pilates repertoire but open to all.

Intermediate - Pilates experience required. Intermediate level exercises will be the focus (with any necessary modifications).